Alendel Fabrics: Interior Inspiration

Alendel Fabrics Ltd. has been a family owned and managed business located in Concord, Ontario, since 1981, and is a wholesale distributor of decorative fabrics, linings, and drapery. With hundreds of fabrics in styles ranging from Traditional to Chic, Alendel brings forth a signature selection of designs in all shapes and qualities and takes the time to add to their already massive stock continuously. Alendel Fabrics offers a selection of beautiful silks, jacquards, cotton sheets & embroideries along with a vast selection of drapery linings fitted for every design project, and introduces new products three times a year. The company goal is to provide customers with the best service and product selection, along with high-quality fabrics in the newest styles, textures, and colors, all while striving to stay on top of global design trends. Offering competitively priced products in modern and classic designs. For all these reasons, Galleria by Najarian Interiors is proud to offer Alendel Fabric products for sale within our luxury bedding collection & elegant drapery designs. Alendel’s collection features a vast selection of fabrics, including: linen, suede, cotton, satin, sheers, jacquards, velvet, and much more. With fabrics designed for everything from upholstery, drapes, wallcovering and more to fabrics for bedding such as the ones which we will use for our luxury bedding products. With a fine collection of the best quality fabrics, Alendel is one of the foremost fabric distributors in Canada.

Fabric Collectionfabric designs

The Alendel collection is home to hundreds of different fabrics in a variety of styles. From modern to classical, and is continuously expanding as the company finds more designs, incorporates the newest trends from around the world, and constantly innovates and re-establishes the forefront of style. The Alendel “Architecture” collection of fine sheers is intended to add crisp, white class to your home. Intended for use as drapes of bedding, this collection’s soft, white, crisped, glowing fabrics are a monumental addition to a modern-styled home. The “Landscapes” collection is home to a variety of nature inspired prints and modern natural geometric patterns, which are intended for upholstery and wallpapers, but will also make for gorgeous pillowcases and accents to the home. Soft cotton members of this collection are perfect for bedding, sheet sets, and duvet covers, and give the luxurious airy feeling of floating on a bed of clouds. The “Roots” collection explores the classic material of linen in a variety of inspired colours, and classically-tinted patterns. For a more in-depth look at the Alendel Fabrics catalogue of products, please visit their company website. With Alendel fabrics, Galleria by Najarian Interiors aims to expand our repertoire of design options in luxury bedding, and give our customers more and more opportunities to experience the quality and design options of many different styles.

Innovative Fabric Design

Through the use of these high-quality fabrics, GNI will be able to bring design novelties and luxurious collections which will be available in our store and on our website. Alendel fabrics will be transformed into a variety of unique duvet covers, pillow shams, bed skirts, toss cushions and coordinating curtains and valances, to help further inspire our customer’s design imaginations and offer a more luxurious home soft furnishing experience. We, at Galleria by Najarian Interiors are happy to provide a variety of Alendel fabrics in our custom bedding & drapery collection. Find these gorgeous fabrics now at our store. Visit us today at our retail location at 1259A Caledonia Road, Toronto or  view our selection.