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That One of a Kind Feel is Custom Furniture Design

custom furniture toronto canada

custom furniture toronto canadaMany customers avoid custom furniture design as an option because they see it as being potentially too expensive, too time consuming, or too difficult. The reality is however that when it comes to luxury furniture for the most high-end places, prices are very inflated. So what you are getting in store is often times far more expensive than what a custom design job might end up being. Furthermore, ordering custom furniture will leave you with a one of a kind product that cannot be replicated or found in retail locations. It’s not that difficult as well! All you need to do is book an appointment and give our designers your specifications, and we will see what we can do. Continue reading

Luxury Bedding and Linen

luxury bedding and linen

luxury bedding and linenThread Count Woes? We can Help. If you’re tired of rough and scratchy, poor quality sheets, GNI can certainly help with that. We offer the highest quality luxury bedding sets, luxury duvet covers, linens, pillow covers, quilts, blankets and more! Our selection simply cannot be matched. We sell entire sets, individual pieces, in all sizes including king, queen, twin and single. Custom orders are also available for irregular sized beds and pillowcases. Continue reading

What to Look for when Buying Luxury Furniture

solid wood furniture toronto canada

solid wood furniture toronto canadaIf you’ve decided that you want to outfit your home with only the highest end furniture products and one of a kind pieces that will not be found anywhere else, you’ve come to the right store. Galleria by Najarian specializes in selling only the most beautiful, best quality products to it’s customers for amazing prices. However, it might be difficult finding the kind of furniture that specifically suits your needs. As purchasing high-end furniture in any store is a big commitment, you should be well informed in what you are looking for. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you decide what kind of designs will work best in your home. Continue reading

Shopping for Luxury Furniture Made Easy Online

best luxury furniture stores in gta toronto canada

best luxury furniture stores in gta toronto canadaIf you’re having trouble shopping online for luxury furniture, or believe that the only way to visualize a piece of furniture is to see it in person, consider the following: online shopping is an easier alternative to viewing pieces in person, and it makes the shopping experience much more versatile due to more product availability and better deals! Continue reading

Things to consider when looking for high-end furniture

So now you’re prepared to shop for your furniture in Toronto. Here are some things to consider: Once you grasp exactly what you wish out of your luxury furniture and choose how big it ought to be, how a lot of you can pay on it, and gotten all the knowledge you can on local furniture stores, finishes, designs, and fabrics, it is time to work out some of the most effective furniture pieces in the flesh. Continue reading

Furniture Stores in Toronto

European modern, classical and contemporary furniture is our specialty.  From all the variety furniture stores in Toronto, there are very few who offer custom furnishings and design options. Thus, being the leader in the field of furniture design in Toronto, we pride ourselves by bringing the highest calibre of wood as well as the experience and talent that needed to create the furniture of your home or commercial space. Continue reading

Luxury Furniture in Toronto – Contemporary, Traditional, Classical

VALENTINA Love SeatFurniture is a very important part of decorative items in your home. It is commonly made from different aesthetic and functional values, and it is specifically designed to be a part of your decorative elements. But some furniture will depend on your style and purpose. So if you are looking for contemporary, classical or traditional luxurious furniture in Toronto GNI-Galleria by Najarian will be the best option for you. We offer stylish furniture that can blend in different areas of your home. Purchasing furniture from us will now become easy for you, and thus, you will have wide range of choices on furniture products to choose from. We can offer you different kinds of furniture styles, which give assurance that it will fit in your home and it includes the following: Continue reading

Custom Furniture Design and Build: Best Practices


POWDER ROOM CUSTOM VANITY       Do you consider buying custom furniture in decorating your home? Maybe at first, you will feel hesitant about custom furniture. However, there are lots of reasons, why you need to consider the custom furniture for the next project in your home. When you choose GNI – Galleria by Najarian, for your custom furniture practices, you will have fun with the result we can provide you.   Continue reading

Open mind creates exquisite home furnishing design

unique bathroom furniture

  TORINO LOUNGE CHAIRDepending on the space your looking to furnish in your home, you will likely impose multiple choices in terms of furniture size and design. Today, many homeowners across the Greater Toronto Area place furniture right into the bathroom, thus the terms “Bathroom Furniture”. Unlike the traditional way of a wall to wall cabinets, bathroom furniture create much more drama and much more variation to the design of the room. Likewise to the living room, one may consider using combination of love seats and unique style of chairs instead of the traditional big sectional sofa in most homes. The main purpose is to get creative. Adding a set of nesting tables will create and serve additional function as to the design, contrary to the traditional coffee table. Few sketches and online or trade show research will enhance the likability of you finding exactly what you’d like. Custom options are always available, however finding the right millwork and architect to help with the engineering and design part may be somewhat a challenging task. Invest into furniture that lasts. Consider that unique pieces tend to gain value rather than have value diminished. Even a simple nightstand can instantly become an antique piece someday. So make sure that when you get creative, find the creator and have an investment piece in your living space.