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 Blue-Night- Linens Highland Feather Manufacturing Inc is one of Canada’s leading down product manufacturers. Offering a wide range of high quality bed linens and down products, Highland Feather is a top name in the business. The company was founded in 1990, and has always considered customer satisfaction to be its top priority, and their reputation has been built on delivering comfort and quality to their customers.  Highland Feather Manufacturing Inc is a proud and active member of the Down Association of Canada (DAC). The DAC is a non-profit organization that focuses on maintaining quality standards for feather and down filled products.  A company that is a member ensures that their products are of the highest quality to fit the DAC standards. This way, customers can be certain of the quality of their purchases. Down and feather are offered in their variety of products; pillows, duvets, feather beds and cushions. Down and feather make for higher insulated products, meaning they are more warm and comfortable in cold temperatures. They also make for very soft filling. Highland Feather brings the ultimate comfort and warmth by fashioning their down products with carefully selected materials and skilled craftsmanship. Based on filling power, reflected in loft number, customers can choose their pillows and duvets. The higher the loft the higher the quality down. Highland Feather sells down products with loft indicators ranging from 500-800, from good to superb quality. Many products are hypo- allergenic, and always come with a warranty for up to 15 years. In their bed linen line up, Highland Feather Manufacturing offers fashionable, colourful and individual pieces which will match the décor of any home. Their pride is in offering a wide selection that includes many colours and patters, as well as the highest quality fabric. In addition, their repertoire includes silk and wool products such as the finest silk sheets and warm wool blankets. For those who prefer their sleeping products to be non- animal based, a wide variety of synthetic products is available. Synthetic products are filled with fibers that have lasting hygienic freshness and Odros protection, and anti-microbial and anti-bacterial treated 100% polyester silk. For better quality synthetics, you shouldn’t’ consider any other company. In addition to all these fine products, Highland Feather Manufacturing offers a variety of accessories, blankets and throws, as well as sleeping features for your purchase. To find Highland Feather products, please view their website at http://www.highlandfeather.com. Our company, Galleria by Najarian Interiors is proud to offer a variety of Highland Feather Manufacturing products for sale at our location and website. We are happy to showcase the amazing quality downs and beddings from Highland Feather, and hope you will consider their quality products. Come and visit our location, or visit our BEDDING & LINEN collection. Our recently updated online store will make your online shopping experience unforgettable. GNI is open to the public with a convenient showroom in Richmond Hill on Highway 7 and Leslie. We invite you to come in person to see our collection, or visit our website for a full inventory. We cooperate with homeowners as well as interior designers to create unique interior design. We’d love to help you achieve the look of luxury you’ve been dreaming of.