Luxury Bedding and Linen

luxury bedding and linenThread Count Woes? We can Help. If you’re tired of rough and scratchy, poor quality sheets, GNI can certainly help with that. We offer the highest quality luxury bedding sets, luxury duvet covers, linens, pillow covers, quilts, blankets and more! Our selection simply cannot be matched. We sell entire sets, individual pieces, in all sizes including king, queen, twin and single. Custom orders are also available for irregular sized beds and pillowcases. When looking for luxury bedding remember that thread count isn’t everything. In fact, the quality of the bedsheet is not really dictated by thread count at all. Your 1000 thread count sheet set might be much lower quality than you expect. Instead of using thread count as a gauge of quality instead use the following, as they might help you find the most luxurious products that you are looking for:


The longer a cotton fiber is, the better the quality of the sheet. Examples of excellent fiber length is Egyptian cotton, pima and supima, which are all the standard of excellence in bedding.


Different weaves will feel different, and it’s all about finding one that suits you when you are looking for bedding sets, duvet covers, etc. The most commonly liked weaves are a percale weave and a sateen weave.


In reality, just try to buy above a 200 thread count. And remember anything over 800 doesn’t really matter.

Place of Origin

Generally, the best quality bedding is produced in Europe, France and Italy especially. Other locations use poorer quality materials and the finish is just not as good. When you can, try to buy French or Italian sheets for the absolute best quality. Remember that when buying bedsheets, the size of your bed is the most important thing. Queen bedsheets will not fit a king sized bed! Buying bedding in colour is difficult, as styles change, and the colour you choose might not fit your bedroom style. Always consider the way your bedroom is styled to make sure you’re buying a bedding set that matches. Colourful bedding with cute designs can be purchased for your children’s rooms, or can be used to decorate your own. Classical, ornate and intricately patterned bedding can be used to create an atmosphere of style and luxury, while simple mono-coloured bedding can be a great addition to a modern, edgy home. Galleria by Najarian has the absolute largest selection of high-end, amazing quality bedsheet sets, linens, pillowcases and so on. Our experts will help you to find luxurious bedding in whatever colour your desire. Remember that we only stock the highest quality bedsheets available for the most luxurious homes. We promise satisfaction with prices, selection and quality.