St Genève- Highest Quality, Canadian Produced Bedding for the Ultimate Luxury

TOSCAA world class manufacturer of bedding, duvets, pillows, linens and table and bath liners, St Genève is a company that is renowned for the luxurious products it creates. What began as a small family business over forty years ago, has turned into a company that is integral in the linens and quality downs business, and is known worldwide with a reputation as leaders in design, quality, and trust. St Genève, as a company, prides itself on the use of the highest quality down products as well as the best possible linens. As a long standing member the Down Association of Canada, this company assures quality in it’s products. Their vast inventory and ever expanding repertoire of new designs is sure to keep a customer looking for beautiful, well crafted linen products, occupied for weeks. St Genève offers a variety of bed linens, throws and coverlets, pillows, comforters or duvets, mattress tops and mattress protectors all designed to make your bed feel like the utmost pool of luxury. The quality bed linens are designed and made in Canada using the highest quality Silk, Giza 70 Egyptian Cotton, Linen and Micro Modal® fabrics, woven by specialty mills in Germany and Italy. Every new collection is meticulously designed and hand-crafted by a masterful team, who’s every intention is to create a product that will astound. In addition to this, St Genève uses only the best quality down in their pillows and comforters, to produce a duvet that has amazing insulating power, yet is lightweight and warm. Sinking into a bed outfitted with these luxurious duvets, throws, linens and pillows is like falling into a cloud. Linens are available in every beautiful design imaginable, and are made to fit the interior of your home, and be paired with various accessories such as cushions and blankets, abyss and habidecor towels and bathmats, which are recognized as the highest quality in the world, as well as table linens. In addition to their vast collection of home products, St Genève also offers a collection of loungewear and abyss robes for wear, to complete your luxurious collection. These comfortable, soft and lavish articles of clothing are going to be a staple in your sleep wardrobe. Galleria by Najarian Interiors is a store serving the Greater Toronto Area that specializes in custom and unique home furniture as well as luxury beddings. Our catalogue offers a wide selection of linens, duvets and downs, that are meant to satisfy your needs for interesting designs and the utmost quality. We are happy to inform our customers that in stock now are a variety St Genève products, the inventory of which we consistently rotate. GNI is open to the public with a convenient showroom in Richmond Hill on Highway 7 and Leslie. We invite you to come in person to see our collection, or visit our website for a full inventory. Our recently updated online store will make your online shopping experience unforgettable. Visit our LUXURY BEDDING collection. We cooperate with homeowners as well as interior designers to create unique interior design. To learn more about St Genève, please visit the company website www. We’d love to help you achieve the look of luxury you’ve been dreaming of.