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Chéné-Sasseville : Fabric of Choice

 Chéné-Sasseville is one of the foremost names in textile designs. Present on the market for over 30 years, the company boasts a network of European suppliers and an impressive range of the newest, most resistant textile designs. The Chéné-Sasseville team prides itself on creating products in contemporary home textile styles that deliver beauty, comfort and luxury. Offering a variety of bedspreads, sheets, shams, duvet covers and throws, Chéné-Sasseville makes designer items which are sophisticated, well made and comfortable. Sensitive to current environmental issues, Chéné-Sasseville is keen on environmental responsibility and waste minimization. To ensure responsible production, the company reduces fabric leftovers into hand-woven carpets. Galleria by Najarian Interiors offers Chéné-Sasseville linen and bedroom products now available for purchase in store. Chéné-Sasseville’s large selection of linen items is highlighted below. Continue reading

Daniadown: Designer Bedding

Daniadown Home is a business that was founded in 1967 and has since become on of Canada’s largest bedding suppliers and distributors. Galleria by Najarian Interiors is proud to declare that we currently have available a large selection of Daniadown products for sale at our retail location and online orders. Daniadown sells the high-quality bedding products, in designer styles and at incredible prices. You will not find better quality duvets, pillowcases, duvet covers, sheet sets, pillows, throws and basics anywhere else. For a complete list of Daniadown products, please visit the company website. Below is a summary of the products by Daniadown that GNI offers. Continue reading

Luxury Bedding and Linen

luxury bedding and linen

luxury bedding and linenThread Count Woes? We can Help. If you’re tired of rough and scratchy, poor quality sheets, GNI can certainly help with that. We offer the highest quality luxury bedding sets, luxury duvet covers, linens, pillow covers, quilts, blankets and more! Our selection simply cannot be matched. We sell entire sets, individual pieces, in all sizes including king, queen, twin and single. Custom orders are also available for irregular sized beds and pillowcases. Continue reading