Unique Fine Fabrics: High-End Design Fabrics and Textiles

UNIQUE-Trinity-Cove-Collection-1Galleria by Najarian Interiors offers Unique Fine Fabrics and a range of high quality, luxury drapery, and bedding. Unique Fine Fabrics was founded in 1986 for the sole purpose of providing leading-edge style, high-quality products and fantastic service to customers through a broad collection of textiles. Unique Fine Fabrics collections encompass a broad range of textiles from linens, classic prints, damasks, checks, stripes, velvet and leather, and caters to all residential and commercial requirements, providing textiles in a variety of colors and styles. Unique Fine Fabrics are also exclusive distributors of international labels such as Zimmer + Rohde, Andrew Martin, Chivasso, Carlucci, Houlès and Arte International. With a vast range of stylish, modern designs, Unique Fine Fabrics is one of the leading fabric distributors.

Fine Fabrics &  Unique Bedding

Unique Fine Fabrics creates its line of fabric products and imports and distributes designer labels of fabrics. The ultimate luxury in beautiful textiles, brands such as textiles by Andrew Martin, Carlucci, Chivasso Zimmer+Rohde, Ardecora, Etamine, Hodsoll McKenzie, Travers, Flamant, Ado and Cetec Houlès. Along with the Unique, Fine Fabrics line allows for unlimited design choices and potential. All of these designer fabrics can be used for a variety of purposes: as wall, seat, cushion, bed coverings, as well as drapes, wall designs and other unique design additions to the home. Unique Fine Fabrics aims to bring customers the newest and the most modern in high-quality fabrics; offering only from the Unique collection a massive selection of various fabrics; cotton, linen, and other various natural and synthetic fibers. Alongside various unique designs and prints, Unique stocks a variety of novelty fabrics such as the “Get Out” line: Get Out designs are ‘UV Pro’ fabrics, engineered to last without losing their unique properties: excellent colorfastness, durability, water & stain repellency.

Patterns and Themes

Similarly, the ceramic inspired floral patterns of the “Ceramica” collection are designed to emulate the great porcelain houses of the past through different patterns; from chinoiserie to grand florals and stripes. The color palette reflects this ceramic theme with gorgeous blues and earthy neutrals. Ceramica also introduces two wool designs woven in New Zealand. The “Artisan Prints” collection is inspired by folk art and features a stunning range of large scales, painterly designs. The bold color combinations make for unique, distinctively daring designs. Artisan is printed in England using linen/cotton base-cloths. These collections are only three of hundreds, which are available from Unique Designs. With hundreds of other collections and thousands of fabric combinations, Unique Fine Fabrics brings the ultimate in design possibilities to your home. Perfect fabrics for coverlets, duvet covers and shams, bed skirts and toss cushions, it would be difficult not to find something exciting to fit and match your home’s décor. Galleria by Najarian Interiors is proud to offer a variety of luxury window treatment & beddings using fabrics from Unique Designs fantastic, quality fabric repertoire.   Galleria by Najarian Interiors is proud to offer these quality products by Unique Fine Fabrics, and we are always happy to add a little extra bit of luxury to your home. These products can be found in our online catalogue or in store.